Thursday, 10 December 2015

Types of Juice for Electronic Cigarettes

Now a days electronic cigarettes becoming most hot item specially in the countries and regions where temperature kept bellow than 30C. United Kingdom and USA are the one of most largest consumer of electronic cigarettes. Due to changing consumers taste and trends ecig industry has introduced various varieties of ecig juices. The different flavors and types of e juices will engaged smokers with electronic cigarette which is also safer and healthier as compare to the ordinary smoky cigarettes. Some smokers also tried to make their own e liquid which might cause lungs damage and other serious injuries so also take a good research before you going to make your own e liquid. Now see how many types of e juices are available in market for vapping.

There are basically two types of e liquid which is further divided into different categories
1- PG
2- VG

PG: Propylene Glycol is the most common.
VG: Vegetable Glycerin is used, usually, by people with allergies or sensitivity to PG.

The most e liquid/ juice you will find will be the PG based, if you are new user do not order plenty of juice at a time just taste and if seems good than get more, usually PG type of liquid is sweet in taste and easily available from anywhere, while the VG type e liquid is rarely found it is specially prepared for the effected person like allergy, kidney problems, and lungs problems.

Different between Dripping and Dipping:
When the coil of atomizer is recessed inside user need to drip 2-4 drops of eliquid on to the coil this is known as dripping, there are e juices available which can be use as a dripping liquid the top of those bottle of juice has needles to drip the liquid on to atomizer's coil.
When user use a cartridge that has the filler material removed so they have a comfortable mouthpiece. Most atomizers come with an empty mouthpiece already on them. This mouthpiece will not have any stuffing and can be used in dipping, this is known as dipping.

Tobacco Taste and quantity juice:
The juice with a tobacco stuff is known as tobacco juice it is best for old user and the person who had been smoking smoky for a long time, over the time they can switch to the sweeter PG juice, for using low tobacco in smoking.

Fruit Flavor juices:
The juice which are prepared under PG formula and have sweet taste like fruits and smell of fresh fruits it is most healthy and environment friendly, it will never cause headache sometimes it happened due to type of e juice but the fresh fruit taste juice is healthier and very convenient to use.

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