Friday, 4 December 2015

Introduction to Equitin

According to the survey 2012 30 Percent of smoky cigarettes smokers shifted to the electronic cigarettes smoking just because it is healthy and harmless as compare to the smoky cigarettes the other 20 Percent of smokers are also thinking to switch but they just think that the cost of electronic cigarette is bit high. By these idea Equitin launched there company in UK which is fast growing and one of the leading supplier company on electronic cigarettes in UK which just believes in quality products and healthy environment same ways they just introduced very economical and affordable products for those people who just think that electronic cigarette is mess of rich people.
Equitin has launched more than 3000 smaller and larger products in the running year. The idea of launching Equitin as a supplier company of ecig is just to bring healthy stuff for the smokers and give them easy opportunity to switch from smoky to electronics. There are thousands of small and huge companies in ecig Industry already been working on such idea but the things which makes Equitin from other companies are,
Cost benefits:
Equitin gives cost benefits to the customers they just get products from low producing costs company and supply to the users at very low cost which is probably makes some differences.
Brand benefits:
Usually companies in UK can not provide 100% pure branded products there are thousands of small firms which are importing and supplying copied less quality products to the customers but, here the Equitin is more concern about quality and branded product for example if Kanger is producing Kanger Mini, Equitin just believe to supply Kanger Mini with Kanger's name straight away, no copy and edit consider.
Special selling events:
Equitin believes that every event is special and bring some joy so, they offer a remarkable discounts, coupons, and vouchers on these special events to bring a little joy on customers face, for example Equitin believes not to miss the Easter, summer sale, winter holidays sale and any other festival in UK.
Free UK delivery:
Equitin just offered its quality services as they offer free delivery for all order over £40 with in UK without any discrimination.
Money back guarantee:
The most amazing part of Equitin best services is they are offering 30 days money back guarantee which is very rarely offered by ecig companies in UK, but Equitin give a privilege to the customer and supplier relations by offering them 30 days money back guarantee the only set back on this offer would be, Equitin does not entertained burned and damaged products by customer careless.

Equitin is looking for long term and positive relation with every customer with a quality services and products and expect same from the customer side so they just encourage the positive criticism and suggestions for making batter their services. Customers can contact Equitin anytime without hesitation.

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